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Get a logo, select one of our frameworks, choose your color palette and typography, and modify your design to fit your brand like a glove. 

Craft compelling content that carries your brand’s voice; shares your story, and effectively conveys your brand messaging with expert help from your new powerhouse team – all under one roof.

First impressions are 94% design-related (Stanford University) Remember, first impressions are lasting.

Be remarkable.

Your Brand Is Your Superpower

Dynamic Direct Booking Websites

Take back control of your vacation rental business with Knokx – your all-in-one direct booking solution, built by experienced marketers exclusively for property managers and vacation rental hosts like you.

Trusted by Hosts; Tested by Travelers™

Knokx API-powered vacation rental websites run on WordPress, the world’s most trusted platform (used by 43% of global websites). 

Our battle-tested websites are forged from 20 years of industry experience, feedback, data, and rigorous testing.

Imagine a solution that saves you time, money, headaches, and setbacks, creates a safety net for your business, streamlines your processes, and delivers real results. Sounds too good to be true? Check our reviews—we’ve got the receipts.

Now, stop imagining and take the leap, fortify your vacation rental business with Knokx, and experience peace of mind.

Instant Reservations

Mobile-friendly, effortless booking, boost your revenue

Crafted Identity

Elevate your brand. storytelling designs That add value and impact. Stand out in your market


Crafted Identity

Elevate your brand. storytelling designs That add value and impact. Stand out in your market

Dynamic Direct Booking Websites

Trusted by Hosts; Tested by Travelers™

More than just a website; it’s your growth engine. Knokx is the key to unlocking direct bookings, amplifying your online exposure, and accelerating the growth of your short-term rental business—eliminating the stress and B.S.


Knokx Ignites Businesses

Open the door to Knokx and enter the world of commission-free direct bookings with your own fully customizable vacation rental website solution.

Everything You Need

The Swiss Army Knife of Direct Bookings™

Vacation Rental Tools & Marketing Services

From SEO to social media, email and content marketing tools, lead funnels, Google analytics, Chatgpt, and AI integrations – Knokx has it all. We’ve engineered a unified ecosystem jam-packed with extraordinary features to jumpstart your rental business.

Streamline your operations, enhance presentations, and maximize your marketing results with custom-built bolt-on tools tailor-made for the specific needs of the short-term rental industry.

Save time and delight guests with intuitive property guidebooks. Earn more revenue with frictionless booking functionality. Get found and engage travelers with the gold-standard blogging platform.

Showcase your properties with a variety of proven page layouts, immersive video banners, virtual tours, HDR image galleries, and glowing property reviews, all designed to Knokx guests socks off!

With an arsenal of industry-specific tools, third-party integrations, and premium marketing services – Knokx is your comprehensive partner for accelerated rental business growth.


PMS Integrations

Property Management Software Integrations

Knokx simplifies complicated systems by integrating with the vacation rental industry’s leading property management software (PMS), Integrations include Hostfully, Guesty, Hostaway, Lodgix, Lodgify, Hospitable OwnerRez, and more.

This customized connectivity enables effortless inventory distribution of all your properties, reservation management, and online payments for unmatched efficiency.

Our APIs and widgets seamlessly synchronize rates, amenities, photos, maps, reviews, and property descriptions – automatically across multiple channels, all managed from your centralized dashboard.

Full Control. No Bull!

Sync your vacation rental calendars across top platforms like Airbnb, VRBO,, and your own vacation rental website with our PMS integrations.

Got questions about our PMS integrations? Need guidance on the best PMS or booking software for your business? Get in touch. We’ve got you!

We’re here to help you streamline your operations and maximize your rental business’s potential.

Not using a property management software? No problem. We’ve direct booking software that handles, the calendar

Knokx Out Direct Bookings

Have questions? We’re here to help.