Your All-In-One Direct Booking Solution.™

Opportunity-Knokx! Open The Door to More Direct Bookings & Less BS! (Booking Surcharges)

The all-in-one direct booking website and lead generation tool, seamlessly integrated with the industry’s best property management and marketing software.

Designed to help fast-track your growth, maximize revenue, and fulfill every host’s dream of securing commission-free direct bookings.

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Direct Bookings Just Got Easier.

Ready to diversify your marketing, ramp up revenue, bolster your business, build a brand, and make more direct bookings?

Ever felt frustrated by ever-changing Airbnb algorithms and uncontrollable VRBO rankings?

Tired of losing money with weeks sitting empty, increasing competition and bloated booking fees? We can help.

Take back control, buck the bookings fees, bypass the platforms and save 15 to 30% of your rental revenue. Instantly increase ROI by directing more bookings to your own boss-level website.

Say goodbye to fees and hello to Knokx! Our direct booking websites  automate listing management, attracts more guests and helps you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Let’s build a thriving vacation rental business together. Get started today!

Effortless Direct Bookings: Knokx empowers you to manage properties like a boss, market like a pro, accept payments and secure bookings – all in one place.

Attract More Guests: Integrated with the world’s best SEO and marketing tools to help you get found by your ideal guests organically.

Streamlined Workflow: Seamless PMS integration simplifies property management. Spend less time fiddling and more time celebrating rave reviews.

Knokx offers solutions tailored to your goals.

Choose from pre-built packages packed with essentials, or explore advanced features and done-for-you marketing services by experts to elevate your strategy – faster.

Ready to take control? Explore Knokx and unlock your rental’s full potential.

Knokx out the competition with hard-hitting branding from every angle.

Branding is the power punch to a winning marketing strategy that knocks your guests off their feet – and the competition out cold.

Our brand-centric approach to website design bolsters your brand, elevating the perceived value of your offerings – instilling trust, and setting you apart in any market.

Stop blending in. Start booking out.

First impressions are 94% design-related (Stanford University) Remember, first impressions are lasting. Be remarkable.

direct booking website for short term rentals
Kick Ass Branding

Elevate your brand. Create demand, increase perceived value and stand out in your market.

Instant Reservations

Mobile-friendly, frictionless bookings. Accept online payments and boost your rental revenue.



More Guests!

Built To Rank! What good is a website if no one can find it? We craft SEO-friendly vacation rental websites that don’t just exist; they thrive in search engine results –bringing more potential guests to your doorstep.

Built for Hosts. Built by experienced marketers exclusively for property managers and vacation rental hosts like you. We understand your unique needs and industry challenges.

Built by Marketers. With 20+ years of vacation rental marketing experience, we strategically design each website with conversion strategies in mind, meticulously tweaked to turn more clicks into confirmations. Cha-ching!

Proven Results.

Backed by case studies.

Ever wondered if the “little guy” can compete? With a will to win and the right tools, every host can carve out their slice of the market. It was David’s tool (a slingshot) that helped him conquer Goliath. Knokx is your secret weapon, designed to level the playing field and slay your marketing.

Backed by case studies and glowing reviews, Knokx arms vacation rental managers and owners with SEO-friendly websites and a suite of powerful tools including, AI, SEO, social media and email marketing, and analytics to measure and improve.

We’ve helped clients like JVR outrank giants such as VRBO & Airbnb locally, claiming the #1 spot on Google.

Two Roads to Success. Choose Your Path.

Done-With-You Growth: Booking-ready website with built-in marketing tools (SEO, social media, analytics, email). Full control with expert training to help even newbies rank and succeed.

Done-For-You-Growth: Sit Back & Relax. We’ll Take The Wheel. Let our experts handle it all – from keyword research to content marketing. We’ll help you boost your bookings while you focus on hospitality. Your success, your choice. We’re here to support either path.


Property Management Simplified

Less Stress

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual updates, disjointed processes, and the stress of double bookings!

With our property management software (PMS) integrations, your vacation rental business operates like a finely tuned machine.

Your Website On Autopilot

We seamlessly integrate with popular property management software like Hostaway, Guesty, Hostfully, Hospitable, Lodgix, Ownerez, Lodgify, and more.

Our APIs and booking engines seamlessly synchronize rates, amenities, photos, maps, reviews, and property descriptions – automatically across multiple channels, all managed from your centralized dashboard.

Whether you manage 1 or 1000 properties, we have a solution tailored just for you. If you don’t see your PMS listed, ask us

Showcase Properties

Synchronize photos, descriptions, calendars, reviews, rates and more on your website with zero effort. 

Why Why Not?

Maximize visibility, reclaim your time and slash fees. Increase occupancy & amplify ROI with powerful marketing options that drive results. Our expert team is your vacation rental partner in success. We help craft standout brands, deliver rock-solid support, and anticipate your needs.

Relax! You’ve got Knokx in your corner. Choose Knokx!

Competitive Pricing

Unmatched Designs

Marketing Solutions

Powerful Tools

We Solve


Vacation Rental Solutionists

Stop struggling with vacation rental marketing!

Our expert team of marketers offers comprehensive solutions to elevate your brand and marketing, from crafting stellar websites to providing essential tools and support.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, we consolidate all your needs under one roof. Gone are the days of juggling multiple vendors—partner with us and lead your vacation rental journey.

At Knokx, we’re your dedicated problem solvers, ensuring you no longer have to figure it out alone.


Branding & Identity

Build a magnetic vacation rental brand that attracts guests and makes them want to book with you over others. Stand out and captivate your audience with a powerful, memorable identity.


Web Design

Create a website that wows and converts. Knokx designs stunning vacation rental sites that impress and drive bookings, ensuring your online presence is both beautiful and effective.


SEO & Digital Marketing

Reach the right audience and boost your visibility. Knokx implements proven SEO and digital marketing strategies to elevate your vacation rental business and increase direct bookings.


PMS Software Development

Knokx down barriers with our custom vacation rental software solutions. We develop powerful software and tools tailored to your unique needs, enhancing efficiency and guest satisfaction.

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Knokx Out Direct Bookings

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